2023 Gingerbread house

It’s that time of year again and we’ve got another gingerbread house to make (We meaning Grace 😜)!

But first, a quick poem to describe the lovely gingerbread house (thanks ChatGPT!)

‘Twas the night before Christmas, in a land of twisted delight,
Where shadows danced under the moon’s pale light.
In this eerie world, where sweet dreams turn sour,
Lurked a piggy and dog at the midnight hour.

With eyes glinting mischief, they roamed the land,
Through the gingerbread houses, grand and grand.
Their hearts filled not with joy, but with a darker desire,
To wreak havoc and chaos, to set the night on fire.

In their path lay a duck, of gingerbread made,
Its sugary eyes gleaming, unaware of the raid.
With a wicked grin, the piggy nudged the Target hound,
Together they pounced, without a single sound.

The gingerbread duck, once merry and bright,
Stood no chance in this sinister night.
With malice aforethought, the duo struck,
Shattering the duck, piece by piece, morsel by muck.

In the stillness that followed, under the cold, uncaring stars,
The piggy and dog reveled in their brutal scars.
A tale of cruelty, under the Christmas moon’s gaze,
In a world where not all is merry on holidays.

So remember this twisted Christmas Eve lore,
Of a piggy and dog with hearts so sore.
In the land of sugar, where nightmares tuck,
Lies the tale of the doomed gingerbread duck.

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